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Birthdays are difficult!

We first created website and then we created android app. Website was created with wordpress and app got created with some back-end API. When the app started working, I realized that I am seeing more birthdays in app then on website. We found that website was only displaying at max 7 people. One more issue was observed when some people such as Akshay Kumar was missed getting displayed on 9 September. All the above issues seem to have been fixed now. Wait for the app update to happen when you see some better fixes such as

  • “Playing Now” feature which shows list of shows currently going on different channels at present. This was there on website but I missed it completely on app.
  • Also when you will click on a Facebook profile link of an actor, you will be able to open it in Facebook App. Ditto for Instagram and Twitter.
  • When you share any person, news or review item link to other person via Whatsapp or other means, when that person opens the link, he will be able to open it in iEntertain app just like how it happens for Facebook, Instagram, Economic Times etc…

Our Facebook login integration got broken in April 2017 due to some changes on the side of Facebook. I have been trying to get it to work but not able to do so. Please bear with me on this.

Google doesn’t seem to be happy with our website as our crawled pages count has gone down from 24K+ in March 2017 to just 10K now. Google increase crawled page count based on reputation of the website and it looks like we have gone down n reputation in their search engine. We will try to work hard on getting this improved.