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New Features

The main and only purpose of this website is to serve Indian Consumers. Personally, I am a big fan of TV shows, movies, sports events and all the items surrounding entertainment. It looks like we are on the right track. We are seeing exponential growth in visits that are coming both in terms of page views and in terms of clicks on search engine results as below:


The above image shows the number of sessions on the website. Since April is not complete yet, we haven’t got the full count.


The above image shows search engine queries resulting in clicks leading to our website. Only the results of last three months are available but we can see that we are almost doubling every three months.

The newer features that we have added are following:

The website now offers channel numbers for many operators such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, Sun Direct, GTPL, DD Free Dish and Reliance Digital TV. The list is not complete for all channels and is work in progress. This is also one of the most searched items in India since channel numbers keep changing. One example is CNBC TV18 was earlier shown on Tata-Sky on 523, then moved to 617, then 618 and now it is at 623. Some channels have number in four digits such as Aastha at 1055. This itself shows that there are so many channels that it is difficult to know which is broadcasting the shows you are interested in. If you visit somebody’s place and want to watch TV there and they have a different operator, you are lost. Searching through Guide with remote is very difficult and not very convenient. But we are working on doing it for you. Be patient.

The website also allows users to log-in using their Facebook account and mark some shows as favourites which will allow them to set reminders for a particular show.

The website is also now showing birthdays of people based on the current day. You can click on the celebrities, visit their social profile page and then wish them happy birthday.