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Bareilly Ki Barfi – Movie Review

Story: Bareily Ki Barfi is a story of a girl Bitti played by Kriti Sanon who is a bit different from a normal girl. She smokes cigarettes with her father Narottam played by Pankaj Tripathi and works at complaint department of electricity board. After getting many rejections from different boys for marriage, Bitti decides to flee from her home. She reads a book namesake the title of the movie at the railway station which depicts the story of a girl who exactly resembles her own personality. She decides to find the author and meets Chirag Dubey played by Ayushmann Khurana and Pritam Vidrohi played by Rajkumar Rane. The friends then develop love. Watch the movie to find how it all plays out.

Review: The movie is a refreshingly new look at the heart of a young girl. All the three main actors have given justice to their roles. The movie is going to be a big winner in the list of films for Kriti Sanon. I would rate it a worth watch.