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Hindi Medium – Movie Review

Story: Hindi Medium is a story of a rags to riches couple who want to send their daughter to a reputed English medium school in Delhi and when they fail to do it the right way, they try to do everything including bribing, using reserved quota and all that is possible. Raj Batra played by Irrfan Khan owns a design studio but is happy being himself while his wife Meeta played by Saba Qamar wants to break into the elites of Delhi. They apply to 10 different schools but unable to get admission, finally tries to apply with low income reservation quota. As part of verification of income, the family has to spend a month in a low income are of chawl. The two come into touch with other good family of Shyam Prakash played by Deepak Dobriyal who helps them not only in settling down but also gets Raj a job, arranges for fees of their daughter and many more. Finally Raj and Meeta’s daughter gets admitted to one of the elite schools but Shyam’s son lose his seat. Watch the movie for what happens then.

Review: The movie is a good comedy and worth a watch. Both Irrfan and Saba play their roles well. The movie depicts the situation of admission process in private schools pretty well. There is good humour surrounding class divide between the rich and the poor.