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Kahaani 2 – Movie Review

Story: Kahaani 2 is a mystery thriller showing the story of a case of child abuse. Durga Raani Singh (Vidya Balan) plays the role of a woman who is a victim of child abuse. She sees a similar issue happening with Mini (Tunisha Sharma) and tries to find the offender and protect Mini from him. Both Durga and Mini develops a mother-daughter bonding and Durga also arranges to go for treatment of Mini’s paralysis. Inder (Arjun Rampal) is Durga’s former husband and Inspector and helps her fend off the law.

Review: Unlike Kahaani, the movie does not keep the suspense till end. Most of the facts are revealed as they happen. There are roles such as Arun (Tota Roy Choudhary) which does not make any sense as the movie would have worked even without this character. Even though the movie has U/A rating, some scenes do scare children. Even if you haven’t watched it, there is nothing to lose.


Ratings:  Star_rating_2_of_5